Sail Rock

This 30 meters / 100 foot submerged rock pinnacle is often regarded as the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand and one of the best sites for whale shark sightings. With few other pinnacles nearby, Sail Rock is a magnet for fish. On sunny day the suns’ ray filters down below the surface and the coral encrusted pinnacle is a breathtaking sight. It’s not just a site for big fish though, you’ll find a plethora of colorful smaller fish darting in and out of the reef and the currents bring in hunting trevallies and barracuda. Sail Rock is always alive with action both around the pinnacle and in the blue.

Koh Ma

This gently sloping reef dive site offers a great mix of hard and soft corals and a huge diversity of marine life. Expect to see all of the “Usual Suspects” such as lionfish, angelfish, butterfly fish and clownfish but the real highlight is the unusual. You’ll see schools of razor fish, hermit crabs, cuttlefish, stingrays hiding out under the sand, sea horses and some incredible macro life. When the currents are running look out for barracuda in the blue.

Ang Thong National Marin Park

Made up of 42 limestones islands, Ang Thong offers a number of caves, swim throughs, overhangs and sloping reefs. Ang Thong has incredible diversity of coral including abundant soft corals, barrel sponges and anemones as well several types of black corals and sea fans. Marine life here is equally diverse and you’ll find numerous species among the reef. In deeper sections you can spot large snappers, blue-spotted sting rays, schools of fusiliers and yellowtail barracuda.

Koh Tao

There are many dive sites to choose from so we will take you to the best 2 with regard to conditions and weather. The dive site we prefer to use are shark island, hin wong, laem tian, aow luk and red rock. Koh Tao also offers the chance of seeing turtles, small reef sharks and an abundance of trigger fish. The crystal clear waters around the island make the day trip perfect for snorkelers as well.